The Swedish branch of the Samaritans called ”Någon att tala med” (NATM) is part of the global network of Help Centers and was created in the United kingdom in the Fifties to come to the rescue of individuals in need, who were contemplating suicide but also those who experienced other calamities
such as illness and loneliness. Today, NATM is mostly engaged in helping and reaching out to the loneliest individuals in Gothenburg as other organizations have specialized in suicide issues.

For more info about who we are and what we do, please visit: http://www.natm.nu/

”Någon att tala med” (NATM) has been active for the past 40 years in Gothenburg (the only branch of the Samaritans in Sweden) and has since its start in 1976 supported thousands of individuals in need of urgent help or who suffer from long-term life crisis by letting them anonymously talk to someone within the organization who has genuine empathy, care and expertise in consoling and soothing these individuals’ pain. NATM has so far existed through an enormous effort of its volunteers and was up until two years ago financed by funding from the local municipality, private funds and other charity organizations. These funds covered rent for offices, advertising the organizations existence to the general public, recruiting volunteers and overheads. Regretfully, all these funding sources ceased around two years ago as the fundings were redirected to other crisis in the society. NATM is now seriously in danger of disappearing, leaving many people in need. During the past two years expenses have been cut as much as possible and if it wasn’t because we could ”borrow” a space to use as a call center, we would have disappeared long time ago.

Our goal is to raise SEK 90 000 via donations and Crowd Funding
so that we can operate until the end of this year.

We ask for your help urgently; whether you are an individual, enterprise or association, every donation, no matter how small or large will make an impact and help us continue to exist.

Please send your donation to NATM via
Plusgiro-account: 33 21 96 – 5

Donations from outside of Sweden – bank details:
IBAN: SE709500 009960 4203321965

Should you have any inquiry feel free to
contact us via email at: kontakt@natm.nu

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